Sunday, March 25, 2007

Signs about Town

I found this sign (pictured above) in Uptown. What the heck is "safety improvement project"? Is it related to "No Bike Riding On Sidewalk"? Or do they just appear on the same metal pole?

Ok, I realize this may seem like a pointless post, but I'm a big stickler for clarity in signage. That's why I like airports so much. In airports, they go sign-crazy. Airport designers are serious about making sure you know where everything is.

In the case cited above, I'm a bit at a loss. There were no other signs nearby to indicate what the safety improvement project is. Certainly, it's possible that the sign implies that by forbidding bike access to the sidewalk improves safety overall. But why, in that case, are there two separate signs? Why not one "No Biking on Sidewalk" sign, and below it (but on the same sign in a smaller font) something like: "Part of Minneapolis' Safety Improvement Project!" ?

I'll have to write to my selectman!


Anonymous Bonnie Erickson said...

I have a similarly ambiguous sign in front of my house. It reads "No parking begins here". The "no parking" area is downhill from the sign and traffic goes uphill. I would think the sign means no parking begins from the sign point and goes uphill, but uphill is legal parking. It would make more sense to me (again) to post a no parking sign down the hill and have this sign read "no parking ends here". But that would be common sense!

10:50 AM  

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