Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Where Do You Spend Your Money?

Earlier this week, I posted an entry on MNSpeak, also titled "Where Do You Spend Your Money?". Having recently signed up with a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture, a.k.a. a local farm), I got to thinking about how well (or badly) the interest in local & regional economies intersected with consumers' actual spending habits. That is, I hear a lot about keeping my money local, but does anybody actually commit to spending their money that way?

The MNSpeak post went well (over a hundred comments--woohoo!), and I'd like to use today's post to summarize and analyze those comments. Here's what I found:

  • Restaurants: Lots of people spend money on local restaurants. This doesn't come as much of a surprise, but it's good news anyway. I saw very few chain restaurants mentioned, although I've been given to understand that Americans by and large are big fans of chain restaurants. I suspect that the readers (and posters) on MNSpeak are skewed in favor of local restaurants over chains. I did see fast food places mentioned a few times.

  • Groceries: People seem to be very committed to their local groceries. No one mentioned shopping at Walmart, even though it's the nation's largest grocer. Posters were very supportive of Lunds, Kowalskis, and the various co-ops in the area.

  • Media: When it comes to books and music, there were people on both sides of the fence. Some posters preferred to buy their media from a local store (Cheapo, for instance), while others favored online retailers like Amazon.


Anonymous Czar of Wisdom said...


Restaurants? Groceries? and Media?
Who is spending dough on that crap? Honesty must have walked out of the room. My guess is folks are burning up hard earned cash-ola on stuff like alcohol, sports tickets and call girls. Folks, I cook my own food and borrow books from the library so I can afford a few lap dances along with a tasty Miller Lite. That's what I call LIVING!

Sex sells. The recent Washington Madam trial is a case in point. One of the first implicated in the scandal, the recently resigned state department official Randall Tobias, was spending his GS salary on pleasures of the flesh. Who doesn't want hot Russian and Latin women coming over in sexy outfits so that a hard-working guy can get a "massage". Let's put it on spend dial, baby.

Booze makes the world go round. Young Washingtonians will spend $150 bucks a night to party in Georgetown. God knows why, but I am fascinated by young girls in stilleto heels walking past beggers. That's what I call gender dynamics. ( - report on Georgetown). True enough, looking good is important and to be seen spending large sums on ephemeral pursuits -- especially intoxication -- is even more important. The $150x52 equation deters few of these swingers. Two words: PAR - TAY!!

Game day has replaced the holy day. The NFL season is coming soon! Praise the gods of the gridiron. Now I ask, how many people will roll out the big bucks for season tickets and personal seat licenses? TONS! The NFL pays big salaries because it makes big bucks. Now, about that beer you just ordered, it will cost you $8 bucks. GO (insert favorite team)!!!

Case dismissed...

11:13 AM  
Anonymous nra guy said...

rounds 9mm - about 12 for a box of 50.

range time at the NRA range -- about 14 bucks an hour.

hitting a bullseye -- priceless.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous Student Loan King said...

My spare money goes to Uncle Sam to repay that good ole student loan for the rest of my life.

11:23 AM  

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