Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Loftstyle Lifestyle

I'm getting more and more baffled by the lingo used to apartment buildings. My apartment building advertises itself as "Contemporary Loftstyle Living" (also mentioned on its website: 'A bridge... a river... a historic location"). What does "loftstyle" even mean? Does it mean my apartment is a loft, or only loft-like? Is it evocative of a loft, but not actually a loft? On that note, I'm also bewildered by a few other phrases used in apartment ads:

  • Apartment home. What is the difference between an apartment and an apartment home?

  • Luxury. What counts as luxury? Every new apartment building is apparently a luxury building.

  • Flat. Is this just a Briticism, or does it imply a luxury (see above) apartment?

  • Contemporary. Unless the building has a time warp built-in that transports you into the past upon entry, I think an apartment is implicitly contemporary.

Coming this Monday: They're Going the Distance!


Anonymous Bonnie Erickson said...

I've often wondered myself what "loft style" means. To me a loft is elevated over a main floor. It's not a converted warehouse with no room dividers! But, then, I tend to want clarity in descriptions! As to the "flat". My first apartment was in a 3 flat in Chicago. I had never heard the term here so it was new to me. I had to ask my husband who was a native Chicagoan what a "flat" was.

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