Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Signs of Growth

I ran across this image while perusing for urban enthusiast sites. It does a great job at showing both the beauty and ugliness of the industrial landscape.

I named this entry "Signs of Growth" because it helps us see the evolution of economic indicators of wealth. In the foreground is a young tree (leafless, unfortunately). This is the symbol of growth and wealth in pre-modern civilization. Wealth came from the earth; trees supply the raw material for shelter. Plants supply the raw material for food.

In the background, we see a host of container-moving cranes at a port. Cranes are the sign of economic progress. They signal the exchange of goods, the creation and exchange of wealth.

It's also striking that both trees and cranes bear a certain visual similarity, at least in this photo. They are both skeletal structures that reach out and away.


Blogger Erica M said...

That's a gorgeous photo. And a little sad.

10:02 AM  
Blogger Generalissimo said...

Cities are works in progress. Things go up and things come down all the time. Even the incredible European city of Berlin is nicknamed the groesse Baustelle (big construction yard).

5:24 PM  
Anonymous teresa boardman said...

I notice in St. Paul it is almost impossible to take a picture that does not have signs, poles, or power lines in it. The power lines can really screw yp a nice shot.

7:26 PM  

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