Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bus Safety Vol. II

Last week, I suggested that the folks in charge of the MSP bus system consider a volunteer enforcement system to improve security on the buses. My thinking goes like this: if a significant percentage of ordinary folks want to ride the bus in peace, and at least a small number of those responsible types would be willing to face down the unruly ne'er-do-wells making life hell for the rest of us, then maybe those responsible types should get organized! Similar to a neighborhood watch group, these volunteer enforcers could work with law enforcement groups to identify repeat offenders and ensure that buses remain safe.

I was pleased, then, to read that I'm not the first person to think of such an idea. Currently, the following groups are actively working with Metro Transit:

  • The Guardian Angels: according to Daily Planet, The organization’s members wear red berets and white T-shirts as they patrol communities in an attempt to deter violent crime. They don’t carry weapons, but they are trained in martial arts, first aid and citizen-arrest law.. Nothing says "safe and secure environment" like tough dudes in berets. Seriously, check out the article. These dudes look scary.

  • MAD DADS: A community activist group promoting responsible behavior. According to their website: MAD DADS members have mobilized communities, trained residents to be positive “REAL Models” and, secured neighborhoods, via organized Street Patrols; positive community events, along with crime and violence reduction projects, for and with our youth for more than 16 years. These facts are part of our organizational ministry and mission.. They also will be establishing a presence on the buses.

  • Therefore Go, a Christian group. I haven't been able to find a website for them yet, but again, according to Daily Planet, it would appear they too will be riding the buses and trying to reduce violence.


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